Meet Karin

Photography has always been something that I have been passionate about.  As a child, I would peruse through old family photo albums over and over again, appreciating the way those images captured emotion and how time stood still.  My first DSLR camera officially triggered my hunger for professional photos, that at first became a hobby.  I sought ways to expand my abilities with my camera and kept practicing.  Since then, I have rolled all of my skills and fervent passion into Karin Nicole Photography.   

As I began to capture life through my lens, I realized that I could touch people’s lives and provoke emotion with my images.  Life moves too fast and special times in life can all too easily be forgotten.  Photographs have a way of capturing a moment in time and providing a portal through which we can revisit time and time again.  I want to capture those special seasons in your life for you, and your family, so you will have these treasured memories forever.  

I am attentive to wedding details, appreciating all of the planning and the nuances, that go into every one.  I strive to immortalize that beautiful start to my clients' life journeys together. I also endeavor to freeze in time precious moments such as the first images of newborn babies, family photos, and senior photos to name a few.  Beautiful memories captured for you is my goal, and I find that my clients are often overcome with emotion when they see their day, their loved ones, or their special moments through my lens in their final images. 

I hope to meet you soon!  Get in touch!